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My culinary and events background combine for custom and unique experiences you won't find with most private chefs.


private events

Whether you choose from a selection of set menus, or we curate something completely custom, Caitlin will work alongside you every step of the way.



From place settings to floral design, I offer full service options for those who want to pass the torch, sit back, and relax! We decide on a color scheme and/or theme, and I can take it from there!


No matter which direction you take, I am committed to making your event an experience you and your friends will be talking about far after the kitchen is clean and the dishes put away.




Truth be told, I wish more people took advantage of all I have to offer! With a portfolio of events ranging from just few to hundreds, I have the knowledge and creativity to pull together incredible experiences. Not to mention take care of every single detail so you don't have to! Is it an investment? Yes - but it's worth every darn penny. And for those who have utilized this part of my business, they would agree with me on that.

From a specialty cocktail , until the last bite of  dessert,  let's make your vision come to life.

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Everything is made better with a can of white paint.

confessions of a private chef

"Our recent experience with Caitlin & Fit to Entertain can only be described as OUTSTANDING. Caitlin's attention to detail, her professional and thorough preparation, her talented execution and cleanup exceeded our high expectations. Her creative, healthy and delicious selections for our 80+ guests simply stole the show. Caitlin was a delight to deal with throughout. She knows her craft, listens well, and offered great suggestions and insights in our planning process. We look forward to working with Fit to Entertain again soon."

- R. Corrigan

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things I love

"We used Fit to Entertain during a family vacation to Savannah. Caitlin made the whole experience effortless with the planning of the menu, execution, day of prep, and clean up. Truly our kitchen was cleaner after she came than before! The presentation was gorgeous, and her food was absolutely phenomenal! We still talk about the truffled deviled eggs, the risotto, and her amazing apple crumble! Her cooking is so thoughtful she only uses the freshest ingredients so we left the meal feeling totally satisfied but not crazy stuffed! She made the whole evening so special and an incredible treat for our family. We will look for any excuse to work with her again!"

- h. mitchell

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What other private chef do you know that has an extensive background in both the kitchen as well as event planning and execution?

I have been planning events since I can remember. From dipping my toes in wedding planning, to eight years in large scale corporate events and sports marketing entertaining, I have done it all. The experience you'll receive with me is unparalleled to anything you'll find with another private chef. 


Place Settings | Menu Cards | Floral Design


You decide just how detailed we get!

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A Custom and Memorable Experience...

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From my kitchen to yours, I look forward to planning, organizing, and executing a memorable experience for you and your guests.